EU poised to renew approvals for the weedkiller glyphosate

June 6 2016 could be remembered as the day that European governments gave in to pressure from the agrochemical lobby despite warnings from the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer about glyphosate.

Twice already this year the public has won battles against the Big Agriculture companies, when the European Commission failed to win enough support from governments to give glyphosate the green light.

To approve glyphosate, the Commission needs the approval of 16 European governments, representing at least 65% of the EU’s population. Even states with a massive agrochemical industry like Germany can be moved by people power, but others may put the interests of the agrochemical industry above public safety concerns. It’s down to the wire – so we need to raise a ruckus like never before. 

Multinationals like Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow and DuPont have made fortunes selling glyphosate weedkiller and glyphosate-tolerant genetically engineered crops (GMOs) around the world.

But glyphosate’s European license is set to expire at the end of June. A spokesperson from the Commission said recently: “If no decision is taken before 30 June, glyphosate will be no longer authorised in the EU and member states will have to withdraw authorisations for all glyphosate based products.”

We’ve never been this close to an international ban!

Tell EU governments not to approve glyphosate when they meet in Brussels next Monday to consider the European Commission’s proposal.