Impoverishing the Poor

Financial Entrapment sold as Economic Development

The UN′s Sustainable Development Goals – a barbed poverty trap

Clothed in alluring hyperbole the SDGs1 are the business end of the United Nation’s Agenda 20302. As such they need to concur with the economic models of growth3.

  1. a revamp of the Millenium Development Goals
  2. a revamp of the Agenda 21 project
  3. sustaining an unsustainable banking system at any cost

By viewing the Earth’s people according to their ecological footprint we find that the ~40% who live more or less sustainably are small farmers in the rural areas of the so-called poor/ undeveloped countries, while the ~60% who don’t live sustainably are city dwellers. Cities are ecological sink-holes everywhere in the world. Many in the former group live well enough on little or no money, compared with the latter who live in total dependence upon money for everything. For them, (let’s call them the managed poor), a shortage of money equates with misery. While for the others (the unmanaged poor), they typically can feed and house their children adequately enough without it anyway.

But we would all like more … of course.


Human farming – Our enslavement (16 mins.)

The non-violent recruitment of the unmanaged poor into managed poverty appropriates both their labour and their land into the globalised market/tax system. This agenda is called ‘economic development‘, or simply Development. Its most visible collaborators are the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations. Not surprisingly, top of the list for their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to ‘eradicate’ poverty.

Struggling against this agenda are hundreds of peasant organisations whose members worldwide join forces by their hundreds of millions to take the fight back to the UN. What they have most in their favour is the sustainability of their agriculture systems. What they need most is for Westerners to grasp the environmental significance of their fight and get on side.

Develop sustainability | NOT sustainable development