• UN family farming

    The Decade of Family Farming

    We have also made very strong, clear and precise proposals so that people understand that, today, not only peasants are at risk of disappearing, [...]
  • tractor crop spraying

    Why Did They Buy Monsanto?

    Monsanto was purchased by Bayer for $66 Billion in 2016. Along with the acquisition of the extremely profitable company, Bayer has also inherited [...]
  • Roundup carton label

    The Rounding Down of RoundUp

    Once glyphosate is gone from the agricultural landscape (as it must) it is unlikely to be replaced, and a lot of deep changes will have to happen [...]
  • Fractal rice farms

    Landbase Sustainability Project

    Sustainability is the largest single issue facing humankind. The need for understanding it has grown the more we have taken liberties with it. [...]
  • Food-loss-reduction

    Food Waste Reduction

    One of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is how to feed an ever growing population. It is still a burning issue in many countries, [...]
  • Climate Justice

    Climate Justice Demanded

    In December 2018, government delegates from around the world will meet to decide how to implement the Paris Agreement. But already, powerful [...]

    UN Declaration on Peasant Rights

    The UN Declaration on The Rights of Peasants and other People working in Rural Areas was presented in the UN headquarters to the 'Third Committee [...]
  • #adoptaseed

    Global Campaign for Seeds

    No government measure can limit the collective rights of farmers to use, exchange and sell their OWN seeds. Free seed exchange between farmers [...]
  • Gene Drives

    GM Threat to Food Sovereignty

    “Applying gene drives to food systems threatens to harm farmers’ rights and the rights of peasants as enshrined in international treaties,” said [...]
  • Land Deals

    Land Rights Regulations

    Soaring demand for food, fuel and other commodities is cranking up pressure on land, but the sector remains largely unregulated internationally.
  • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ....

    5G Wireless Towers

    For more information, contact the following organizations: Center For Safer Wireless Center For Electrosmog Prevention Citizens for Safe [...]

2 Responses to “Posts”

  1. Peter Coleman

    Your website appears to be supporting UNAGENDA21. Is it to make us all peasants under a UN type Government run by the bigshots-it appears sham. Thumbs down. Promote the people not the controllers.

  2. Ross

    Thanks Peter.

    The Agenda 21/2030 strategy, like its parent apparent (United Nations), is seductive in rhetoric but flawed at the fundamental core of its philosophic/ spiritual conception. The counter-strategy (which we support) is forming self-organising, cooperative-supporting, agrarian-based local economies founded upon the axioms of true sustainability.

    Through the 60s-90s the Left counteracted the Right through the story of ‘labour’. But that spring has almost dried up. The Left must now tap a deeper source for its truth: the story of ‘sustainability’. That story, it might be noticed, won’t just restrain the Right but entirely contain it.

    How to bring that story to the untroubled masses is a difficult project, beyond our immediate resources and art. If you would like to write us an article concerning these issues we would certainly welcome it.


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