• tractor crop spraying

    Why Buy Monsanto?

    Monsanto was purchased by Bayer for $66 Billion in 2016. Along with the acquisition of the extremely profitable company, Bayer has also inherited [...]
  • Roundup carton label

    The Rounding Down of RoundUp

    Once glyphosate is gone from the agricultural landscape (as it must) it is unlikely to be replaced, and a lot of deep changes will have to happen [...]
  • Fractal rice farms

    Landbase Sustainability Project

    Sustainability is the largest single issue facing humankind. The need for understanding it has grown the more we have taken liberties with it. [...]
  • Food-loss-reduction

    Food Waste Reduction

    One of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is how to feed an ever growing population. It is still a burning issue in many countries, [...]
  • Climate Justice

    Climate Justice Demanded

    In December 2018, government delegates from around the world will meet to decide how to implement the Paris Agreement. But already, powerful [...]

    UN Declaration on Peasant Rights

    The UN Declaration on The Rights of Peasants and other People working in Rural Areas was presented in the UN headquarters to the 'Third Committee [...]
  • #adoptaseed

    Global Campaign for Seeds

    No government measure can limit the collective rights of farmers to use, exchange and sell their OWN seeds. Free seed exchange between farmers [...]
  • Gene Drives

    GM Threat to Food Sovereignty

    “Applying gene drives to food systems threatens to harm farmers’ rights and the rights of peasants as enshrined in international treaties,” said [...]
  • Land Deals

    Land Rights Regulations

    Soaring demand for food, fuel and other commodities is cranking up pressure on land, but the sector remains largely unregulated internationally.
  • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ....

    5G Wireless Towers

    For more information, contact the following organizations: Center For Safer Wireless Center For Electrosmog Prevention Citizens for Safe [...]
  • Global War budgets

    Militarism 2018

    World Beyond War has just released an updated 2018 mapping of militarism in the world. The map system can be explored and adjusted to display [...]

2 Responses to “Posts”

  1. Peter Coleman

    Your website appears to be supporting UNAGENDA21. Is it to make us all peasants under a UN type Government run by the bigshots-it appears sham. Thumbs down. Promote the people not the controllers.

  2. Ross

    Thanks Peter.

    The Agenda 21/2030 strategy, like its parent apparent (United Nations), is seductive in rhetoric but flawed at the fundamental core of its philosophic/ spiritual conception. The counter-strategy (which we support) is forming self-organising, cooperative-supporting, agrarian-based local economies founded upon the axioms of true sustainability.

    Through the 60s-90s the Left counteracted the Right through the story of ‘labour’. But that spring has almost dried up. The Left must now tap a deeper source for its truth: the story of ‘sustainability’. That story, it might be noticed, won’t just restrain the Right but entirely contain it.

    How to bring that story to the untroubled masses is a difficult project, beyond our immediate resources and art. If you would like to write us an article concerning these issues we would certainly welcome it.


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