Congratulations Maxima for stopping this destructive gold and copper mine

This was a difficult and dangerous 5-year battle, led by Máxima Acuña. Thanks to her and her friends, the sources for five rivers, four mountain lakes, and hundreds of hectares of wetlands will be safe — and members of the community won’t lose their homes.

Máxima has faced harassment and threats to her life in her efforts to stop the mine and now she is being recognised for her work. To top off the victory, today Máxima will be awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for her tireless work standing up to Newmont. The Goldman Prize, known also as the ‘Green Nobel Prize’, honours ordinary citizens who’ve taken great personal risks to safeguard the environment and their communities — and Máxima’s tireless work is no exception.

“I would like to thank everyone from around the world who signed the petition in support of my case. In truth I am fighting with my family for something just, to defend my land, whatever it has cost me. For this I thank you because your support has given me the strength to continue fighting.”

But our fight isn’t over — Newmont are still planning lawsuits against Máxima and as of last week, her family continues to be harassed by security contractors.