Monsanto Faces Insider Rebellion

Monsanto assumes that most of its victims — especially poor famers in the developing world — will never be able to confront it.

In just two weeks, a group of SumOfUs members will file an official shareholder resolution at Monsanto’s annual meeting demanding the company change the way it does business. Last year Monsanto tried to shut down support for the resolution before the meeting even started. This time around they were ready for us — and we’re expecting the company to send a letter full of misinformation to every shareholder urging them to oppose our resolution.

Monsanto wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t worried. We have them on the run–but now we need to respond. If we can raise just $50,000 this week, we’ll be able to back up these SumOfUs members at the meeting.

Chip in to help stand up to Monsanto.  Together, we can finally hold it accountable.

Here’s what they’ve got in store for Monsanto:

  • Mobilising SumOfUs members who are most affected by Monsanto’s practices to attend the annual meeting
  • Getting prime media coverage to help make Monsanto feel the pressure
  • Using a short, shareable video on the shareholder resolution to communicate the value of the motion to Monsanto’s owners
  • Get a team on the ground at the AGM to promote the motion to Monsanto shareholders face-to-face

Monsanto won’t listen to the public — but it has to listen to their shareholders. And because of this brave group of SumOfUs members and Monsanto shareholders, we have an opportunity to finally force change at Monsanto.

Companies are watching with intense interest at how it goes this year.Almost no other campaigning groups are using this tactic to force change from within companies. Stand with these SumOfUs members as they head into “shareholder season” as one of the pioneers of this new revolution.

Chip in to help stand up to Monsanto.