Movement goes global

For years, Feedback have been investigating the supply chains of some of Europe’s largest retailers – what we’ve uncovered is shocking. We’ve met with farmers in the UK, Kenya and Guatemala who have all been forced to waste food on their farms for two major reasons:avaaz

Supermarkets dictate strict product specifications to farmers meaning that they’ll only buy fruits and vegetables that fit demanding size, shape and colour specifications – regardless of the nutrition, taste and value of the food.

On top of this, last minute order cancellations by supermarkets and the businesses they are supplied by leave many farmers without any compensation and no market to sell their food to.

When farmers are forced to waste entire crops some have to resort to taking out loans in order to pay their workers. However, not all workers are paid, meaning they cannot put food on their table or send their children to school.

The ingredients are all there — an amazing movement in France just won a law making supermarkets give unsold produce to the poor and homeless. But this is only a small part of the problem, the vast majority of food is being wasted before it’s even left the farm. Now the EU is working out how to stop supermarkets dumping their waste and responsibilities on farmers, using ridiculous reasons to reject huge quantities of food.