La Via Campesina Launches 7th International Conference

La Via Campesina has commenced the process leading to the 7th International Conference, to be held in the Basque country in July 2017. These International Conferences take place every four years. They constitute La Via Campesina’s highest collective decision-making body and its most important space for debate and discussion and for developing a mobilisation agenda for the peasant and farmer movement.

La Vía Campesina has, over the last 20 years, constructed a global and politicised peasant and farmer identity that is connected to the land and to the commitment to building Food Sovereignty; through the provision of healthy, agroecologically-produced food for the population.

We have created a political heritage based on a common vision, which has helped us to understand the world and the future, and which has allowed us to develop a capacity for mobilisation that is both local and global. We realise that all over the world women and men peasants and small-scale farmers have the same problems and that they need to be united in facing them” ~ Marina Dos Santos, a member of the International Coordinating Committee.

Source: La Via Campesina (14 June 2016 )