Clear Winner! Our Family Farms Coalition    

In November 2014, voters in Jackson County, Oregon overwhelmingly passed an ordinance to ban the planting of genetically-engineered (GE) crops in the county.
The local farmers in particular were fearful that contamination from GE crops could destroy their livelihoods.

Not long after the ban came into effect opponents backed by Monsanto and their allies went to work trying to overrule the voters in court. Similar laws had also been passed in California and Hawai’i and were also challenged in court … this was a test case.

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) quickly stepped in to legally defend the Jackson County ban — and were victorious: a precedent-setting win that will protect family farmers from genetically-engineered crops, and give consumers a choice in the marketplace, for decades to come.

This case marks the first time that a U.S. FEDERAL court has recognised farmers’ right to protect their crops from GE contamination.