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  2. Use this Contact Form to email directly to the New Zealand Peasants Association – NZPA

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  4. Food/grower/action projects specific to the Waitakere area, and beyond. Here you can join some existing mailing-lists.

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  6. Subscribe to our (monthly) newsletter: Landsakes!.

Contact: New Zealand Peasants Assoc.

Use this form to contact NZPA directly.

  • For other activities please check out the options above.

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Group Strategies:

Great things can happen when people start working together, but finding like-minded others nearby can be a hurdle.

Do you live or work in West Auckland?

  1. The Backyard Garden Project: contact Brent Mags
  2. Visit the Food is Free website:
  3. West Auckland Community Garden Network
  4. The West Auckland food activist group KaiWest

Other New Zealanders?

  1. PeasantsNZ monthly has a newsletter Landsakes!
  2. Join an AgRUS group of 100% sustainability pioneers

Landsakes! Our NZ newsletter

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Keeps you up to date with important happenings at the grassroots.

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