Clinton Exposed

Clinton: Yet More High Profile Blood

When she was Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton green-lighted a violent Right-wing coup (2009) against the democratically-elected president of Honduras. She then worked to tirelessly to discredit its critics. One of those critics, Berta Cáceres, an articulate human-rights and environmental activist, just got a bullet in the head a few weeks ago. Cáceres wasn’t shy about mentioning Hilary Clinton by name.

Now, during the presidential primary and election season, she won’t be saying anything.

Since the Honduran coup more than 5,000 peasants have been imprisoned, including 1,700 peasant women, and over 140 women and men peasants have been assassinated in conflicts involving land tenure or the defence of territory.

Murder of Gaddaffi: Clinton Exposed

A recently declassified email exchange between Hillary Clinton and her adviser Sid Blumenthal shows that Clinton (while US Secretary of State) was up to her eyeballs in the conspiracy to kill off Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (2011) and his Pan-African “Gold Dinar” currency. This woman has no conscience and should face trial for her crimes against humanity instead of being rewarded by her handlers with the ultimate damage control career.

Gaddaffi: The truth.

Remembering Berta Cáceres

In 1993, Berta co-founded the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, or COPINH. For years, the group faced death threats and repression as they stood up to mining and dam projects that threatened to destroy their community. Last year, Cáceres won the Goldman Environmental Prize, the world’s leading environmental award. We hear Cáceres in her own words and speak to her nephew, Silvio Carrillo, and her longtime friend Beverly Bell.