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Most New Zealanders (85%) now belong to an under-paid, under-educated, land-poor underclass. In a single generation our egalitarian democracy was changed into a neo-feudal bureaucracy. The right-wing coup that seized NZ’s parliament in the 80s, (Rogernomics), has turned a garden for the many into a farm for the rich: not our founding vision. It is time to cut some fences.


Work for change, not for debt

Sustainability is not some kind of optional goal. It is the decider between ongoing continuance and final extinction. Natural systems are the enforcers of this grand inevitability, and also its best instructors.  They always follow the same underlying form; patterns of self similarity; feedback cycles … fractals

This is the essential form for everything that lasts. It is what needs to inform the core of our future relations with life too.

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Can all 200M+ families have it that wrong ?

For 100% Sustainable

Puzzle-sustainable solutionThe whole solution is SIX-SIDED — with the potential for mutual self-optimising without limits upon each side.

In other words, the more it is engaged the more benefits the system accrues.
See… Abundance Manifesto

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Universal Basic Agriculture

the only truly sustainable form of
Universal Basic IncomeUBI

land + food + people
let’s put them back together

Peasant Film Club

An activists’ resource for spreading the ideas and building a resolve for change: it’s the place to learn a better understanding of agriculture, commoning, banking, social justice, geopolitics, history
See Changing the Food System
[WHY it must be changed & How it must be changed

Who are the Peasants ?

Traditional landowners and smallholder farmers comprise about 40% of the world’s population, yet produce over 70% of its food, mainly organically grown.
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