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Most New Zealanders (85%) now belong to an under-paid, under-educated, land-poor underclass. In just one generation, our egalitarian democracy was changed into a neo-feudal bureaucracy.
Rogernomics took a garden for the many and turned
it into a farm for the few. It's time to cut some fences.

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Natural systems always show multiple levels of self similarity linked by feedback cycles - key indicators of real sustainability in practice. (Learn more...)

This template from nature can inform our living patterns and institutions ... let's explore some genuine alternatives that are truly sustainable, equitable, and democratic.


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100% Sustainable Living

Puzzle-sustainable solutionThe SIX-SIDED solution  -- has the potential for mutual self-optimising without limits.

That is to say, the more they are practised the more that conditions (for biodiversity, universal health and equality) improve at every level. Abundance Manifesto

Peasant Film Club

An activists' resource to spread the ideas and grow the resolve for change: through the better understanding of agriculture, commoning, banking, social justice, geopolitics, history ...

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