The Difference is Growing

Most New Zealanders (85%) now belong to an under-paid, under-educated, land-poor underclass.

In just one generation, our egalitarian democracy was changed into a neo-feudal bureaucracy.

Pre-modern designations …


What would you call a pioneer of sustainable living – who chose to live rurally?

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Natural systems always show multiple levels of self similarity linked by feedback cycles, a key indicator of sustainability in action. (check it out)

It’s time to apply this understanding to our activities and institutions … let’s explore some genuine alternatives that are truly sustainable, equitable, and democratic.

Eating is an agricultural act ~ Wendell Berry

Sustainable living pioneers needed — URGENTLY !

Life’s Puzzle: can be solved

Puzzle-sustainable solutionWe identify the solution as being SIX-SIDED — where all the faces share a very unique characteristic: the potential for mutual self-optimising without limits.

That is to say, the more they are practised (singly, or collectively) the more that conditions for biodiversity, universal health and equality improve at every level – unlike the distressing outcomes which characterise present-day western society.

Agrarian Rural Urban Synthesis

logo sustainable agrarianAgRUS NZ  — for people interested in sustainable living: to learn the skills and organise their resources together.

The basic pre-requisite training courses are accessible via online subscription: 1. Changing the Food System; 2. Applied Sustainability; 3. Social Citizenship, Politics & Virtue.
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