The Difference is Growing

Most New Zealanders (85%) now belong to an under-paid, under-educated, land-poor underclass.

In just one generation, our egalitarian democracy was changed into a neo-feudal bureaucracy.

Pre-modern designations …


What would you call a pioneer of sustainable living – who chose to live rurally?

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Natural systems always show layers of self similarity caused by interlinked feedback cycles. Read that as evidence of sustainability. (check it out)

It’s time to apply this understanding to our activities and institutions … let’s explore some genuine alternatives that are truly sustainable, equitable, and democratic.


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Eating is an agricultural act ~ Wendell Berry

Become a pioneer of sustainable living… easier and sooner… AgRUS

Life’s Puzzle: can be solved

Puzzle-sustainable solutionWe identify the solution as being SIX-SIDED — where all the faces share a very unique characteristic: the potential for mutual self-optimising without limits.

That is to say, the more they are practised (singly, or collectively) the more that conditions for biodiversity, universal health and equality improve at every level – unlike the distressing outcomes which characterise present-day western society.

Agrarian Rural Urban Synthesis

logo sustainable agrarianAgRUS NZ  — for people interested in sustainable living: to learn the skills and organise their resources together.

The basic pre-requisite training courses are accessible via online subscription: 1Applied Sustainability; 2. Restorative Agriculture; 3. Citizenship, Politics & Virtue.

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